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TRIFA Lamps Germany GmbH

Trifa was founded in 1929. The company aims to meet the demands of its customers in the automotive industry and trade at first quality and by observing all legally required standards and laws.

For supporting this objective, TRIFA works in accordance with the rules of the quality management based on the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Special attention is paid to the compliance with demands and wishes of our customers for the TRIFA products. All activities prior to the supply of the incandescent lamps are carefully planned.

The quality of our work is obtained by systematic planning of all necessary actions before and during the processing of the orders as well as by systematic monitoring of all performance processes.

A further step in the direction of “improvement of logistics” was done by the change of location in 1999. In order to be able to execute orders economically and efficiently, a modern high-shelf warehouse was built.

Our “Photometric Test and Measurement Laboratory” developed into being the heart of our company. All parameters of the ECE standard and other relevant standards can be measured and controlled there. Lamps subject to type control carry the approval mark E1 for Germany.

By means of reliability, flexibility and quality we could consolidate and further develop our position in all 5 continents. Optimum cost effectiveness combined with the best possible adjustment to specific and even unusual customer requirements have made TRIFA an optimal partner in the sphere of automotive bulbs.


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